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Why use Privacy Vault for Crypto

Our military grade, zero-knowledge and end-to-end encryption keeps your Crypto data secure

client side encryption

Client Side Encryption

Your data is encrypted on your device
before any data is uploaded to our servers. This ensures only you can access your information.

Privacy Vault encrypted cloud is designed to protect your data from any unauthorized access or theft.

Password Management

Our zero-knowledge encrypted cloud platform gives you both password management and secure cloud storage in one app

Zero Knowledge Password Management

Zero Trust Architecture

smart storage

What is a Zero-Knowledge Cloud

Our zero-knowledge encrypted cloud platform ensures that your data remains fully protected and highly available

Encrypted Crypto Vault

Multi-Factor Authentication

24/7 Support

Client Side Encryption & Unlimited Scale

Our Data Centers

Your data is securely stored on object storage which has inherent benefits over older technologies. Data is automatically replicated to multiple Tier IV data centers to safeguard against data loss, outages and provide robust disaster recovery capabilities. 

military grade vault
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